Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians from coast to coast!!

Alexis Sánchez ~ Niño Maravilla ~ Siempre te apoyare estés donde estés !!

Alexis Sanchez ~ The Wonder Boy ~ I will always support you wherever you go!!

This is my national Chilean team, on their shoulders they carry their dreams as well as the dreams of all Chileans worldwide & those who reside in Chile. They are our representatives in the World Cup Brazil 2014. They have earned the respect of the world with their style of playing soccer, their fans have left a footprint in the world with their passionate rendition of the Chilean National Anthem in the stadiums, win or lose I will always be proud of them, not only because they are fellow Chileans, but because they are fighters, goal achievers, and wherever they go they carry our three coloured flag. I will always support them, not only when they are playing for the national team, but also in their particular clubs. Let’s Go Chile!!

Este esta es mi Selección Chilena, en sus hombros llevan sus sueños al igual de los sueños de todo los Chilenos por el mundo y los que viven en Chile. Son nuestros representantes en el mundial Brasil 2014. Se han ganado el respeto del mundo con su estilo de jugar fútbol, los aficionados de Chile han dejado huella en el mundo con esa pasión que cantan el himno nacional de Chile en los estadios, ganen o pierdan yo siempre estaré orgullosa de ellos, no sólo porque son compatriotas, si no porque son guerreros, triunfadores de metas, y donde vayan ellos llevan nuestra bandera tricolor. Siempre los apoyare no sólo cuando están en la selección pero también en sus equipos particulares. ¡¡ Vamos Chile !!


¡¡¡¡ Queda poquito para ver mi Chilito !!!! ¡¡¡¡ Desde lejos siempre apoyare a la roja de Chile !!!!!!
¡¡¡¡ VIVA CHILE MIER …. !!!!

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WTF ?!?!?!?!?

What is this gibberish I’m reading about JOFFREY LUPUL is on the market … ????
Is this for real?!?!?! Like WTF !!! Seriously ??????
Can someone confirm this for me .. or send me a link please …

***feeling breathless ***

** sexy is an understatement **

** sexy is an understatement **

Thanks to Zak Bagans for giving all his female fans a heart attack with that April Fools joke saying he was engaged … though the girl in the pic is a beauty, I can imagine many girls screamed like banshees … Hahaha!!!!! But to our relief, we can all breathe easier knowing that our fav. host was only joking and remains single ….

Awwww very cute!!! // awwww que lindo !!!!!

Awwww very cute!!! // awwww que lindo !!!!!

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